Engagement is a spectrum; it is not binary by-nature as it is often described. Meaning, we often make references that people are engaged or they are not. In fact, engagement flares, dims and flares up again depending on the conditions to which we can direct our energies, passions, contributions and the like.

Bringing people together can inspire powerful, positive action or it can be ineffective with people feeling powerless leaving apathy to settle in. Designing your engagement activities for effective levels of engagement is a crucial but often an overlooked/undervalued activity. Sadly, when convening is not done well it is almost always expensive and/or could lead to unintended consequences that make leaders hesitate to bring groups together at all.

Our Services

With our group convening services you are assured events are carefully designed to evoke fuller participation and broader understanding of various perspectives and issues at play. By creating these conditions for better informed thinking, we help you achieve higher levels of inclusive solutions and shared responsibility for forwarding the necessary actions; a much better return on investment.

We are experts in designing and facilitating forums and conferences as well as multi-stakeholder/sector consultations and discussion assemblies. Whether you seek engagement in: strategy, innovative practice, project planning or community development, our convening approaches help you connect people to the ideas and challenges that matter to them, helping you advance dialogue into meaningful mobilized action.

Put another way, we help you convene the right stakeholder groups, on the right issues, helping you inspire the right action groups getting you closer to the goal you seek

List of Engagement Approaches