Teams and aligned-interest communities are what gets the work done. With our dramatically changing business environment, teams and teaming have changed. With bus stop style participation, virtual teams, and multi-generational membership demanding very different work experiences all teams can benefit from process consulting and facilitation services from time-to-time. Working with on-boarding new teams right through to tuning up well-established teams, we are able to serve team needs in any stage of their lifecycle. Depending on your needs, we will build a team program or provide shorter term facilitation services to get your teams focused, clear, and committed to achieving to their goals.

Although West Coast Approach offers support to teams through all parts of their lifecycle, we specialize in teams in trouble. Partnering with you to create a sequence of activities based on 3R model we support you in inspiring change in your team.

Reveal, Reframe, RenewIn a nutshell, the 3Rs goes like this:
Reveal the less obvious/known aspects of system to which the team is playing into so the players can reframe the experience to respond from a different place of clarity with more constructive, relationship- focused actions.

With extensive training in Organization & Relationship System Coaching and Process Consulting, we are able to take your teams to heightened states of awareness and commitment for change.