Change is simple…until people are involved. All kidding aside, change is complex; it is an ongoing process, and it is layered. Gone are the days of preparing for a change, managing it and reinforcing it. Multiple changes are continually afoot within and outside of our organizations and communities. Even more challenging, the people involved are often switching in and out too. We are in the age of dynamical change.

Our change methodology works in dynamical change environments because it aims to strike a balance between managing and leading change as it emerges.

Our Services

We work with you to build the conditions for change to occur using PROSCI processes/tools supported by expert-level project management services and consulting. Helping you build and/or enhance the discipline of planning and executing change plans, we provide (or partner with internal support staff) organization and planning services so you can map out and deploy the activities to help you achieve the changes you seek.

Going beyond change management, we partner with you to strengthen the change leadership skills and engagement abilities to inspire leaders and others so the change is driven from all layers not just the top. We use whole system participation and collaboration technologies such as Open Space, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry and other adaptable methods to bring forth innovation, inclusive solutions and inspired action.